Past Events

Saturday 4th July 2015 ....... Club Show held at Hanbury Countryside Show.
The MHHA Club Show was extremely well attended and judge, Steve Ledsham was pleased with the quality of horses forward. 
Gelding 3 years & over - 1, Faye Bottomer's Fifield Admiral; 2, Greg Rawlins' Oakridge George; 3, Denise Taylor's Mordearg Bayley.  Barren mare - 1 and Ch, Colin Dawson's Eastcote Tulip; 2, Jane Muntz-Torres' Cwmsymlog Miss Carolyn; 3, Julie Cator's Quinjuke Annie.  Yearling & 2 year old - 1, Greg Rawlins' Bromford Fascination. Brood mare with foal at foot - Greg Rawlins' Bromford Lady Diana.  Best foal - Greg Rawlins' Bromford Kingsman.  Best veteran - 1, Selina Berridge's Marino Jack; 2, Jane Muntz-Torres' Bettws Victor. Traditional Harness - 1, Faye Bottomer's Fifield Admiral; 2, Jane Muntz-Torres' Bickerscourt Magnus; 3, Denise Taylor's Mordearg Bayley.  Driven class - any horse drawn vehicle/implement - Rob Comerford with Jane Muntz-Torres' pair, Magnus & Toby.  Ridden Heavy Horse - 1, Gemma Webb with Jane Muntz-Torres' Bickerscourt Magnus; 2, Jane Muntz-Torres' Cwmsymlog Miss Carolyn; 3, Greg Rawlins' Oakridge George.
Show Champion - Colin Dawson's Eastcote Tulip. Reserve Champion - Greg Rawlins' Bromford Fascination.  Terry Keegan Memorial Cup and National Horse Brass Society Annual Brass Award - Jane Muntz-Torres' Bickerscourt Magnus.  
Photographs on the Gallery page.

2nd and 3rd May 2015 ....... Working weekend at Studley.
MHHA working days and weekends are organised for members to come along, with or without horses, at various times throughout the year.   We are very lucky to be able to use the facilities at Studley (by kind permission of the Freeman family) and many of us use the opportunity to try out something new or different.  This year was no exception and Kevin Morris drove his three shires (Baron, Brad and Sergeant) in a random and a unicorn ..... and took his little Welsh Section A pony, Sparky, around the cones course.  Various members had the chance to drive Sparky over the weekend and he behaved perfectly.  Selina Berridge came down from Nottingham with her German horse, Jack.  She had bought a new set of harness at The Shire Horse Show and needed some help getting Jack to pull the chain harrows.   Various members were on hand in case there should be any problems but Jack was a star, starting with tyres and progressing onto the chain harrows.  Jane Muntz-Torres took her little mare, Carolyn and introduced her to the cones.  She quickly understood what was required of her and behaved very well.   Various members came without horses and we all had a really pleasant weekend.  There will shortly be photographs available to view on the Gallery.

21st and 22nd March 2015 ....... A number of MHHA members took part in the National Shire Horse Society Show held at Arena UK, Allington, Nr Grantham.  
More that 5000 visitors attended the annual Show which is the largest gathering of Shires in the world.   Shire horses have a unique history and heritage and with almost 300 entries from across the UK and Europe, the National Show plays a key role in highlighting their past and in promoting their future.   Horses were shown in-hand, ridden and in harness.   However, there are fewer than 500 new foals registered each year so the work of the Shire Horse Society is very important in the protection and promotion of the breed to ensure we can enjoy these wonderful horses for generations to come.
Pictures of MHHA members and their horses are available to view in the Gallery.


15th February 2015..... A big THANK YOU to Kevin and Alison Morris for hosting the first event of 2015.  
A cheery band of members turned out to watch and/or 'have a go' with Kevin and Alison's beautifully prepared horses, Baron, Gem, Brad and Sergeant ... and of course, little Sparky.  The large all-weather arena ensured many activities were able to take place because the fields were still too waterlogged to be used.
Kevin had each horse out in turn demonstrating harnessing and long-reining techniques with his four year old daughter Anja, helping him with the commentary!
Ron Calder covered the subject of 'showing in-hand' passing on some of his knowledge and expertise.  He quietly demonstrated exactly what an 'in-hand' judge would be looking for and how he/she would expect each horse to behave in the ring.   He stressed the importance of proper training at home so the horse and handler know how to stand and behave at a show.   Several members 'had a go' using Baron, Gem and Sergeant.   Ron made it look so easy .... so emphasing that we all need to practise more!

After a break for lunch, Brad and Sparky were hitched to a breaking cart and exercise cart (respectively) to demonstrate the difference between a full cart harness with full collar and a simple webbing breast harness.   Anja was keen to show off her driving skills with Sparky so Kevin sat beside her using a second set of reins ...... just in case!   Other members also had the opportunity to drive Sparky.
It was nice to get out and meet up with members again .... the winter does seem to drag on and on .... but today's event reminded us all that the Shire Horse Society Spring Show at Grantham is only FIVE weeks away and that Spring is nearly here.


7th December 2014
December saw the annual MHHA Christmas Party taking place at Ullenhall Village Hall. Once again we had wonderful food provided by Natalie and Stuart Freeman. They outdid themselves as usual providing a wonderful roast with all the trimmings. Puddings were provided by the club committee and members and the soup starter by Julie Cater and our Chairman Denise Taylor. We had some fun party games before lunch involving toilet paper to make a mummy and a newspaper to cut out a fish and race it across the village hall.