Forthcoming Events

 It would seem that, for once, the weather is going to be kind to us this weekend 21st/22nd April 2018 and I have heard on the news that there are worries about the high temperatures expected on Sunday and how it might affect the runners in the London Marathon.   For us though, it should make for a very pleasant weekend with lots to do and the ground getting drier day by day.

So...first of all ..... we are NOT meeting at Umberslade Farm Park but very near it on the Umberslade Estate.   The post code is B94 5BP and the entrance to the site is off Umberslade Road.  There will be signs up over the weekend ..... the gateway is DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the cattle grid in front of Umberslade Hall.

Alison Garbett from the Heavy Horse Enthusiast will be joining us on the Sunday which is a terrific bonus and if anyone would like her to bring something in particular, please let her know on 07739 039756 or contact her on facebook or via her website.

I always say we should aim for a 10.00am start both days but if that is impossible, just get there when you can.  We have a number of activities lined up ..... or you can just do your own thing...... I have already loaded up our portable toilet, driving cones, zig zag harrows, sledge, tyre, various swingle trees, ....etc.....etc.... etc. so there is equipment on site for you to use.   In addition, I will take up some 'bomb-proofing' items like flags, red and white tape, rubber mat, large plastic sheet and an old mattress if I can find one.   There is also an enormous pile of logs so members can try their hand at 'timber snigging' around the cones...always great fun!

We have been allocated an area of 'Game Cover' to use ...we can do anything except plough!  My wagonette will be there with shafts and a pole for members to use.   We can go for gentle drives and/or rides around the various tracks on the farm (absolutely no galloping etc!).

You may coral your horses up overnight but bring your own hay and water please.   We have a number of water containers for those of you who run out and can nip down to the farm to get more if necessary.  

Arrangements for Saturday night.... we have an excellent Fish and Chip Shop in Hockley Heath, as well as Chinese and Indian takeaways.  There is also a 'One Stop' for anything else you may have forgotten.

We do hope as many as possible will come for the weekend or for at least one day or the other.   The weather forecast is good..... the company is good (and friendly) ...... the site is accessible with hard standing for the lorries/trailers .....

This message should reach the majority of members and I will telephone those not on the internet ....but if anyone needs anymore information, please ring me on 07767 241175 or email me on


With kind regards

Jane Muntz-Torres