How to join MHHA

How To Join
The Midlands Heavy Horse Association

You too can become a member of the MHHA,  you do not have to own a horse, or even know about horses, the MHHA provides an opportunity for you to learn new skills in horsemanship while  in a safe, friendly, knowledgeable environment.

We hold many events and opportunities to get involved in through out the year and the best bit is as a member you can get in for free:

  • Working Weekends: A variety of demonstrations to both observe and get involved in, from plaiting, driving, harnessing, even showing advice from a respected judge with useful tips on what the judges are looking for.
  • Club show: Each year we hold a club show with a variety of in hand, driving and riding classes, where members are invited to participate in. This is a good opportunity to either gain experience in the show ring or a bit of healthy competition between members, with a leading heavy horse judge and a selection of beautiful rosettes up for grabs.
  • MHHA Events: We are Enthusiastic about our horses and the fantastic skills they have, and to celebrate this we have several events through out the year which take place over a weekend. Saturdays are members only days where similar to the working weekends skills can be developed and routines practised ready for Sunday which is open to the public to watch our ring displays, experience riding in a horse drawn vehicle or meet and great with the horses.
  • MHHA Supporting events: As an Association we are often asked to support events. Cannon Hall Vintage  Car and Steam Rally is a popular event of the last few years where we have been invited to do a selection of demonstrations in the main ring.

There is a general ethos that no particular breed of heavy horse should be favoured above another and in fact, the association activities welcome all work working horses into the fold.  We have had in the past Cobs, Vanners and even Shetlands being put through their paces at our working events and have even had the odd donkey and mule.  Having said this, we call ourselves a Heavy Horse Association because that’s where we predominantly are.

We do encourage our members to have an active part in our events, either by bringing invited horses or by giving an hour of your time to be a car park attendant, gate warden, show runner, etc.

As a member you will also receive 4 copies of the WHISPERER, which is our club magazine, delivered straight to your door. The Whisperer is full of wonderful articles, advice, event information, photos of recent MHHA activity and much much more. For a sneak preview of some of the useful articles have a look at the WHISPERER features page.

 Membership Fee :
£12 for a yearly single subscription
£20 for a family membership.
Subscriptions to be paid every January.


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