Your MHHA Committee

Kevin Morris

I’m a professional horseman, using my horses for weddings, funerals, demonstrations as well as showing them in ‘Trade Turnout’. Other than for a short break when I was working away, I have been a member of the MHHA since I was 14 years old and because the association has given me so much I want to give something back

Jane Muntz-Torres

I have been a member of the MHHA since 1998, and currently own 3 Shire Horses who I work, drive and ride. I am a regular contributor to Heavy Horse World and I hate Winter

Julie Cater

I have been treasurer of the MHHA for the last 11 years. I have been riding since I was 16 and did work with horses for a short period. I am now a carer for the NHS. I co own one Shire horses with my disabled daughter, Maxine


Selina Berridge

I joined the MHHA a few years ago after looking for something to do with my horse, after I retired from riding due to a (non-horse related!) injury. I quickly discovered how much fun working heavy horses was and I am now hooked, taking every opportunity to learn all I can. The association was the perfect place to learn from experienced people and horses, in return I am keen to help where I can.

Helen Roberts

I’m new to Heavy Horses with Fred our first Suffolk, fulfilling a childhood dream. I’m loving learning a whole new set of equestrian skills and more about our heavy horse heritage. I’ve ridden since I was 4 and we’ve had horses at home now for over 20 years, though it’s only recently I’ve learnt to refer to our Welsh Cobs as ‘light’ horses!

Milly Flanagan

I have ridden since I was young, competing in different disciplines from dressage to team chasing and own my own horse, a Welsh Cob cross. I started working for Sigourney with her Suffolk Punch horses and hope to enjoy them in many different ways from ridden to driven.

Alison Morris

I started working with horses when I left school at 15 and, after spending 3 years in Germany and 12 months in Australia, as well as many years in the UK working with different horse disciplines, I got a sensible job in an office, however married to Kevin I can’t escape horses entirely.

Nina Roberts

My interest in horses developed during my forties when I decided to learn to ride, became hooked and I now own two cobs. I live in Nottingham and was introduced to the MHHA a few years ago by a friend, I would love to have my own Heavy eventually but in the meantime I enjoy helping friends with theirs.

Stuart Straight

I came later in life to the love of horses, I started at a riding school, followed that with a part share and then bought my first horse, Hobson a Shire TB cross in 2004. Hobson was a real gent and taught me well. With my wife Claire, we joined MHHA in 2017, up until then we had both just ridden our horses. We decided to try putting our young Clydesdale in to harness, as well as ride him. The hands on help from the MHHA has helped a lot in getting us started. We have recently taken over a derelict farm in Cumbria, but still manage to get down to the midlands most weeks, which takes a bit of planning, but do have a lot of space for more horses

Claire Evans

I own a young cob which I’m slowly training for driving and loan a pony for my daughter to ride. I have been a member of the MHHA for a couple of years and have really enjoyed the events that I have attended and I’m now hoping to give something back.

Sigourney Tibbatts

Ihave ridden horses since I was young and competed in many differnt disciplines; eventing, dressage, team chasing etc. but  I have always liked Suffolk Punch horses and am now the proud owner of four.

John Napier

John Napier

For a good part of my life I have been involved with horses one way or another. It was four years ago I joined the MHHA and found myself very humbled by the amount of hands-on help, guidance and welcoming friendship. The Association for me is the perfect place to enjoy the heavy horses even if you are experienced, a new beginner, heavy horse owner or not, the association has something for everyone who is interested, I for one am keen to assist and help in any way I can.