MHHA Events

All MHHA members are welcome to attend any of our events – you don’t need to bring a horse! Many members come along to learn more about working horses and to see them ‘in action’. It’s a chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ and enjoy the company, help and support of people who are as passionate about working horses as you are!

We are particularly happy to see new members at our events. If you or your family would like to attend, email our membership secretary ( Annual membership costs just £12 single or £20 for a family.

Included in your membership is the quarterly newsletter, The Whisperer, access to our events throughout the year and free entry to the club show at Hanbury Countryside Show.

Forthcoming EventsCoronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We are excited to announce that we are going to run several events in 2020. With COVID restrictions still in place there will be some changes to how events run. Most importantly you will need to be an MHHA Member to attend and you must register in advance for the event, so that we know who is going to be there.

At the events you will see some changes to how we run things – but we are sure they will still be just as enjoyable and informative as always.

If you’d like to come along please complete the registration form and return it to

Hope to see you soon! 

29th & 30th August

Tanworth in Arden


MHHA Working Weekend

Come and join us on one or both days, with or without a horse! There will be lots to see and do including show preparation, ring craft, harnessing, driving, long-reining skills and ridden advice.

If you’d like to attend please complete and return the registration form by 24th August latest.


27th September

Near Bewdley


MHHA Working Day

A working day at the kind invitation of Mike and Alison at Holbeache Farm. A chance to work your horses, improve your skills and learn more about working horses.

COVID rules will be strictly adhered to. If you’d like to attend the event please complete and return the registration form by Friday 18th September.





MHHA Event

Still hoping to get one more event in before the end of the year.

More details and the registration form will be available soon.