The Whisperer

Our quarterly newsletter to members is very well known and is called the Whisperer, after the name given to the older of horsemen at the turn of the century. This advertises our forthcoming events, articles of interest and general ‘news’ from the Association.

On this page we share some articles that have been published in The Whisperer.

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Ulcers: Just a racehorse problem

Alison Morris Some facts: Equine Gastric Ulcers (EGUS): recent studies have found that as well as the 93% of racehorses, 37% of non performance horses and 63% of performance horses, suffer with Gastric Ulcers. Those are big numbers for an illness thought to be...

MHHA Club Show Hanbury 2020

Hanbury Countryside Show welcomed us back for our club show on 6th July. We had our own lorry park and ring once more, this year the farriers were positioned next to the ring and were a welcome addition. Our judge this year was Mr Philip Shipman, who did a really...